Fennel-lentil-soup with ginger

4 servings



2 fennel bulbs

2 medium sized carrots

4 medium sized shallots

2 T sesame oil

1 liter vegetable broth

200 g red lentils

juice of one lime


1 t curry powder

½-1 dried red chili pepper (choose level of heat based on personal taste)

1 bunch cilantro (alternative: Italian parsley)


Clean fennel and carrots and chop into small cubes. Peel shallots and chop into small cubes as well. Peel ginger and chop finely.

Heat sesame oil and sauté vegetables at low heat. Add vegetable broth, then lentils, and cook for about 10-15 minutes at medium-low heat until soft. Stir occasionally. Pound dried pepper with pestle and mortar. Season lentils with lime juice, salt, curry powder, and fresh chili powder.

Chop cilantro/parsley and garnish before serving.


Translation by Sara Friedman, Portland, OR (thank you, Sara!)